Crafty Lumberjacks: I’m walking in a spider web…of yarn!

Not in Kansas by meltedsquirrel
CROCHET PATTERN Owl Tote’em a CoLorFuL owl tote by TheHatandI
Boot Cuffs Knitted boot cuffs Red and Black Two in by IMUNIVERSE
Coil rope bowl tutorial and materials. by LostPropertyHongKong
Pumpkin Mom and Baby Halloween Decor Pumpkin Pillow by mymimi

I apologize for my extended absence.

Due to serious work commitments, I was away from consistent internet for most of the past year, and had very little time to do anything with what I did have, so this (and all my other blogs) pretty much went on hiatus.

BUT, I’m back now, with proper internet, and time to be able to build the queue once more and get things rolling, which is really the perfect time with holidays on the horizon - and who doesn’t love holiday crafting? I know I have a lot of submissions from while I was away, that I’ll start sifting through, but if you have any good finds, patterns, things you’ve made, or a shop/blog you’d like me to check out, go ahead and send them! I can’t guarantee they’ll show up immediately (I’m going to keep the queue fairly slow for the first while so I can build it up), but I’ll take a look as soon as I can.

And thanks so much to all of you who stuck around, it means a lot!

Grumpy Cat Perler Bead Magnet by WhiteMageInc on Etsy
Needle felted Toy art brooch ” Blonde Doll” - Maria Filipe Castro

Needle felted Toy art brooch ” Blonde Doll” - Maria Filipe Castro

Monsters by MissBajoCollection on deviantART