Quick Update

You may or may not have noticed, but I recently changed the domain for Crafty-licious from the separate blog to Tumblr. I couldn’t afford the cost to renew the hosting, so I opted to keep just the domain and have it direct here. In the future I may bring the other blog back, but for now it’ll just be Tumblr, which is now accessible via http://crafty-licious.com

I’ve been focused on things away from Tumblr, so posting has been a bit sporadic - my husband is leaving at the end of the week for an undetermined amount of time, so I’m trying to spend time with him and get things done I don’t really have time for without him here. Once he’s off I’ll try and get things going more regularly.

Lastly, I’m going to try and port some of the features from the other blog here as best I can. Etsy Finds won’t really work, so instead I’m going to do Treasuries, and try to feature a new one each Monday [you can go see the ones I’ve already done here.] I’m also going to do Flickr Friday, and try to do roundup-type posts periodically.

And remember, you can submit your handmade items, Etsy shop, Flickr stream, etc. Oh, and we’re close to 2000 followers, which is AMAZING!

Flickr Friday 10/2 | Crafty-licious
New blog post up!
Welcome to 2012! | Crafty-licious
First blog post of the year is up, go check it out!

Welcome to 2012! | Crafty-licious

First blog post of the year is up, go check it out!

Flickr Frinds – From My Contacts | Crafty-licious
Today’s post on the blog!

Today’s post over on the blog, enjoy!

We’re on Flickr!

I started a new Flickr account specifically for Crafty-licious - you’ll be able to check out what I’m up to, and see all kinds of amazing handmade items from other artists and artisans!

Check it out!