Crafty Lumberjacks: I’m walking in a spider web…of yarn!

Not in Kansas by meltedsquirrel
CROCHET PATTERN Owl Tote’em a CoLorFuL owl tote by TheHatandI
Boot Cuffs Knitted boot cuffs Red and Black Two in by IMUNIVERSE
Coil rope bowl tutorial and materials. by LostPropertyHongKong
Pumpkin Mom and Baby Halloween Decor Pumpkin Pillow by mymimi
Grumpy Cat Perler Bead Magnet by WhiteMageInc on Etsy
Monsters by MissBajoCollection on deviantART
Thorin Oakenshield - Cross Stitch by shingorengeki on deviantART
DIY Yoda from corrugated cardboard by ravdenmark on deviantART